Travel Story Review

Travel story review by Rob McFarland - photo by Ivan Samkov at Pexels

Am I good enough?

It’s the question every aspiring writer asks themselves when they start out (I certainly did!). If only I could get feedback from a professional travel writer. Someone to tell me what works and what could be improved. Give me tips on what publications my story might be suitable for. Perhaps even provide me with an edited version?

I can do that.

I’ll send you a detailed review of your story. I’ll tell you the things I loved and provide a list of constructive suggestions. And yes – I’ll even send you an edited version so you can see exactly what I’ve changed.

This is the service I wish had been around when I started –
a thorough critique by a professional, award-winning travel writer.


Students who’ve used this service have been published in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Sun-Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, International Traveller and many more.


Up to 800 words – $99
800-1500 words – $149
1500-2000 words – $199

Interested? Email me at – I’d love to hear from you!

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