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Love writing? Love travelling? Make your travels pay

In 2004 Rob McFarland was an IT consultant who had never been published. Now he’s one of Australia’s leading travel writers, with six awards including Travel Writer of the Year.

He’s proof that you don’t need to have studied journalism or worked on a newspaper to break into travel writing.

Travel writing workshops

Rob regularly runs travel writing workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Correspondence course

Prefer to study at home? Take the course by correspondence instead.

Story review

Looking for feedback on a travel story you’ve already written? Let Rob provide a detailed review of your piece.


Students have gone on to be published in National Geographic Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Sun-Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, International Traveller, Australian Geographic Outdoor, Get Lost, Get Up & Go, Out & About With Kids, Great Walks, OUTthere, Destinations, Signature, Backpacker Essentials, Wild and KarryOn.

Are you a travel professional?

Learn what the industry’s top travel editors want in press releases and story pitches on Rob’s PR writing course.


“Fantastic, inspiring, exciting, motivating. This kind of knowledge could take months, even years to establish on one’s own. I finished the course feeling that there wasn’t anything you didn’t cover for us be able to go out and have a really good crack at being a travel writer.” Annabelle S

“Rob McFarland’s course far exceeded my expectations. Based on Rob’s encouragement, I pitched my article from the course to the Sydney Morning Herald and it was accepted. I never would have done this on my own and Rob not only made it possible, but also very easy.” Emily S

“In all my years of journalism studies and internships, I honestly feel as though this has been one of the most constructive courses I’ve ever completed.” Penelope R

“I’ve done a fair few writing courses over the years with the NSW Writer’s Centre, and this would easily be the best, both in structure, presentation, access to information, content and value for money.” Alison A, literacy teacher

“I thought it was just terrific. Well planned and structured, and equally well-implemented and presented. I run a business based on communicating with an audience, and Rob is a communicator par excellence.” Jan B

“It was a great course and everything you said made so much sense and had so much value. It enabled me to break through whatever the barrier was that was stopping me from finding my travel writers voice. Suddenly I got it.” Deborah J,  journalist

“I really loved your course – very inspiring and so constructive – thank you.” Susan H

“I’d done a travel writing course once before, through the Centre for Adult Learning at Syd Uni, and Rob effectively crammed into 2 days what that course accomplished over 8 weeks.” Simon P

“Wow! I have done a few writing courses over the last 7 or so years. Yours was the best structured and most clearly delivered.” Ian B

“Thanks so much for such a great couple of days. I felt that I got a lot from it, and my questions around travel writing have been answered.” Olivia V

“I loved the course. I thought it was brilliant. I want to do it again and again just to hear the stories of the other students.” Emily S

“The course was great. You’re a fab teacher and I really liked the way you got everyone involved. I feel like all the questions that I had before about how to start up as a travel writer have been answered…now it’s just actually doing it.” Bee B

“Fantastic course for aspiring travel writers. Information was well presented and easy to follow. I went home inspired and hope to publish one day.” Claudine H

“Your course was terrific. I enjoyed the fast pace and the way the information was packed in. Lots of relevant information. You really knew how to get the best out of the group. Very articulate lecturer.” Jenni C

“It was great having the opportunity to write a piece during the week. Going through everyone’s stories and getting individual feedback was the highlight.” Anthony M

“It was well structured yet informal, enjoyable and fun. Your professionalism came across from beginning to end. I hugely appreciate the fact that you shared so much of your ‘intellectual property’. I can’t believe I learned so much in two days. I came away really inspired and didn’t want it to end.” Karen L

“It was very inspiring and it made so much sense. The course structure was really well laid out. Great to get one more story critiqued after the course. Great course and I’ll recommend it to others.” Tommy L

“I appreciated the openness in the details about the travel writing world. I feel like I have a better understanding of what freelance travel writing is and am armed with tools to improve and progress. What I took away from the workshop exceeded my expectations.” Stacey B

“I was very impressed with the way the course was run. Timing was excellent, content fascinating. Found the anecdotes from the presenter and other participants fantastic and created interest and momentum. Felt I got excellent value for money and what is more I enjoyed it immensely.” Cheryl S

“I have nothing but praise. The course felt really well-honed, without being regimental in its structure. Everything was useful – practical advice, instantly applicable tools and methodology, great bite-size pieces of information. A really well-balanced structure, with great interaction. The writing exercises and feedback were really valuable. I did this course to get inspired about writing again and it worked.” Sara D

“Very enjoyable and I learnt a lot. I appreciated your honest approach including the realities of the commercial side and that you shared examples of your own work practices. Very generous.” Helen F

“I joined this travel writing workshop without any expectations and I have to say it has been a pleasure. Well worth it and I will highly recommend it to my friends.” Nuria G

“Great facilitation. As a participant, I felt engaged. The commercial realities were immensely practical and made perfect business sense. Submitting an article for critique was very valuable.” Meryl F

“I’m not really the creative type but after the course I felt inspired to start writing all my travel stories. We covered so many topics and I feel confident enough to start submitting stories. The opportunity to get a piece of writing critiqued was fantastic.” Melissa C

“Awesome job, Rob! This course was just the thing I needed to open my mind and give me the push that I needed to take my writing to the next level. Thanks for a great two weekends.” Kate C

“I loved the course structure, it was very practical and covered off pretty much everything I felt I should know. I just wish I had an opportunity to do the course years ago. Loved it, thank you. Found my writing mojo again.” Je t’aime H, writer and blogger

“I absolutely loved this workshop and I have learned so much. The structure was great. This was the best thing I have done in ages.” Christine H

“Attending this workshop was a bit like my first trip to China – I wish I had done it sooner. Highly recommended.” Bronwyn H

“Loved every minute of the day.” Judy A