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Rob McFarland

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Hi! I’m an award-winning travel writer, speaker and trainer who divides his time between Australia, the US and Europe.

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Latest Stories

Junee Roundhouse Railway Museum, NSW

Unless you’re a rail enthusiast, the thought of visiting a railway museum might not fill you with heart-thumping excitement. It certainly didn’t for me. But I’d challenge anyone not to be charmed by the nostalgic glimpse of yesteryear offered by the Roundhouse Railway Museum in Junee. Located roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, the facility…

Food tour in Riga, Latvia

“We are going to start with dessert,” declares Anda, placing two slices of cake in front of me. The first is a Napoleon cake, a Russian derivative of the French mille-feuille, with multiple layers of buttery pastry and decadent whipped cream. The second is a honey cake, a traditional Latvian dessert made using honey, sour…

Utah’s lesser-known natural wonders

It’s a stark contrast. Thirty minutes ago, I was standing on the rim of Utah’s dramatic Bryce Canyon, looking down at a labyrinth of pink-hued hoodoos, pinnacles and buttresses. Now, I’m on an elevated plateau in nearby Kodachrome Basin State Park, admiring dozens of towering sandstone chimneys. The difference? In Bryce Canyon, every trail was…

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