Reno and Lake Tahoe

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe
Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

If Reno and Las Vegas were siblings, Las Vegas would wear a white suit and drive a convertible. He’d be the cad who always arrives late but still gets fussed over. Reno would drive a dilapidated Datsun. He’d have scruffy hair, an untucked shirt and a coffee stain on his tie.

Reno has always suffered by comparison with its more glamorous neighbour. And while it certainly can’t compete in terms of scale or opulence, it does have an endearing, rough-around-the-edges, knockabout charm. It’s also attempting to spruce up its act through several rejuvenation projects. Not only has it tucked in its shirt and bought a new tie, but the once-dodgy downtown area has been transformed into a welcoming, family-friendly destination.

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