Marataba Lodge, South Africa

Lions resting in shade in Marakele National Park - photo by Rob McFarland
Lions resting in shade in Marakele National Park – photo by Rob McFarland

The Sun-Herald, Australia – Aug 21, 2011

“GO, GO, GO!” screams the man sitting behind me in the jeep.

I look over my shoulder to see a three-tonne bull elephant approaching the back of our open-top jeep, trunk held up defiantly, ears flapping and head bobbing up and down.

I brace myself, expecting Philip, our guide, to floor the accelerator. Instead, he just tells the three of us in the jeep to keep perfectly still. “It’s OK, boy,” he calls out, his tone soothing but firm. “You’re all right. Just move along.”

The elephant continues to approach. To my horror, I find I’m completely frozen. I couldn’t get out and run even if I wanted to. Philip starts banging the side of the jeep with his hand. The elephant stops. There’s a stand-off. I hold my breath. Finally, it wheels around and in a cloud of dust disappears into the bush.

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