See the Taj Mahal without the crowds

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – May 16, 2015 “What’s that?” I ask, pointing at the smoke curling up from the opposite riverbank. “Burning bodies,” replies my guide nonchalantly. “They’ll gather the ashes and scatter them in the Ganges.” Through the smoky haze I can see the world’s most famous monument, a buildingContinue reading “See the Taj Mahal without the crowds”

Learn to dance the Bollywood way

Sun-Herald, Australia – March 22, 2015 Hip sway…pelvic thrust…shoulder dip…finger wag. No, that’s not right. I’m thrusting the wrong way. Vibhor smiles patiently and we try again. I’m attempting to learn the steps to Dhinka Chika, a song from the 2011 Bollywood hit Ready, in which leading man Salman Khan (me) tries to woo leadingContinue reading “Learn to dance the Bollywood way”