Cycling the Waterford Greenway, Ireland

Traveller, Sun-Herald, Australia – Nov 4, 2018 Few cities are as synonymous with a product as Waterford in south-east Ireland. The renowned crystal maker was based there from 1783 until 2009, when its owning company, Waterford Wedgwood, went into receivership. Hundreds of manufacturing jobs were lost and tourist numbers dwindled. As Phil Brennan, owner ofContinue reading “Cycling the Waterford Greenway, Ireland”

Delicious Dublin food tour, Ireland

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Aug 18, 2018 “I fell in love with Dublin,” says Ketty Quigley, explaining why she relocated to Ireland from France in 2004. “And I fell in love with an Irish man,” she adds with a smile. “What I didn’t fall in love with was Irish food.” Thankfully, much hasContinue reading “Delicious Dublin food tour, Ireland”