America’s best restaurant – Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, Alabama

Traveller, Sun-Herald, Australia – Nov 18, 2018 According to the James Beard Awards, the prestigious annual celebration of America’s culinary excellence, the US’s best restaurant is not in the gourmet capitals of New York, Chicago or LA, it is in – are you ready? – Birmingham, Alabama. In May, the awards declared Highlands Bar &Continue reading “America’s best restaurant – Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, Alabama”

Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Scottsboro, Alabama

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Oct 27, 2018 Thanks to advances in bag-tracking technology, the amount of checked luggage that fails to reach its destination is now less than half a per cent. But given airlines carried more than four billion bags last year, that still means more than 20 million bags went unclaimed.Continue reading “Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Scottsboro, Alabama”