Bar tour in Budapest, Hungary

Traveller, Sun-Herald, Australia – Aug 19, 2018 “I guess she can drive!” we all cry, clinking our glasses in unison. According to Fanni, our smiling guide from Urban Adventures, this is the closest approximation to “egeszsegedre!” or “cheers!” in Hungarian. Given Hungary’s location in the heart of Europe, you’d think its language might resemble thatContinue reading “Bar tour in Budapest, Hungary”

Six of the best Hong Kong speakeasies

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – June 23, 2018 THE OLD MAN In less experienced hands, The Old Man would be just another yawn-inducing addition to the long list of bars dedicated to writer Ernest Hemingway. However, the man behind this upscale establishment is Agung Prabowo, who previously managed the highly-regarded bar at the MandarinContinue reading “Six of the best Hong Kong speakeasies”