A week in the Peruvian jungle

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Nov 16, 2019 I’ve decided I’ll call it Mothy McMothface. Apparently, if I find a new species of moth at this light trap deep in the Peruvian jungle, I can name it. I approach the illuminated white sheet with my jam jar feeling quietly confident. Since Rainforest Expeditions startedContinue reading “A week in the Peruvian jungle”

Mountain gorilla trek in Rwanda

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Apr 14, 2018 Mr D holds up his hand and we all shuffle to a stop. “They’re in the next clearing,” he whispers. “Take off your rucksacks. Only cameras and phones from now on.” A crackle of anticipation passes through the group. Heartbeats quicken; mouths go dry. “Everyone ready?Continue reading “Mountain gorilla trek in Rwanda”