24 Hours in Toronto

Downtown Toronto - photo by Rob McFarland
Downtown Toronto - photo by Rob McFarland

GQ Australia – April 2011

Ask most Australians what they know about Toronto and they’ll likely answer “not much”, which is surprising given it’s the fifth-largest city in North America. While it might not have the profile of LA or New York, it’s not short on charm. The world’s most multicultural city, Toronto boasts 200 different ethnicities and 130 languages. There’s a kaleidoscope of neighbourhoods including five Chinatowns, two Little Italys, a Little India and even a Little Poland.

Throw in a lakeside location, the nearby Niagara Falls and a thriving film industry and Aussies’ lack of interest seems downright ridiculous.

Read the rest of this story here: 24 Hours in Toronto (PDF)

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