Signature walks around Banff & Lake Louise

  Escape travel section, Australia – July 22, 2012 Canada is a bit of a show-off when it comes to national parks. Not only does it have more of them than anywhere else in the world, but its most famous Banff National Park is just a two-hour drive from Calgary and home to the bustlingContinue reading “Signature walks around Banff & Lake Louise”

Dinosaur hunting in the Badlands, Canada

Escape travel section, Australia – Jan 29, 2012 You’d expect the place where more fossils have been found than any other single location in the world to be hermetically sealed in a giant bubble and surrounded by armed guards and tripwires. But here I am, roaming around a World Heritage site, idly poking things withContinue reading “Dinosaur hunting in the Badlands, Canada”

Heli-hiking in the Rockies

  Escape travel section, Australia – Aug 21, 2011 I’m huddled with a dozen others on an outcrop at 2500m in the Canadian mountains. After a glorious morning of hiking along high ridges, meandering through an eerie burnt-out forest and zig-zagging down steep snow-covered slopes, the weather has turned. The wind picks up, the temperatureContinue reading “Heli-hiking in the Rockies”

24 Hours in Toronto

GQ Australia – April 2011 Ask most Australians what they know about Toronto and they’ll likely answer “not much”, which is surprising given it’s the fifth-largest city in North America. While it might not have the profile of LA or New York, it’s not short on charm. The world’s most multicultural city, Toronto boasts 200 differentContinue reading “24 Hours in Toronto”