Rafting the Futaleufu River, Patagonia

Escape travel section, Australia – Nov 13, 2011 Finalist, 2012 National Travel Industry Awards Best Travel Writer “Pay attention,” shouts Pedro from the back of the raft. Six panting heads snap around in unison. We’ve failed to make it to the exit on the left side of the rapid so after some furious back-paddling we’reContinue reading “Rafting the Futaleufu River, Patagonia”

The grungy charm of Valparaiso, Chile

  Escape travel section, Australia – Oct 16, 2011 On paper, Valparaiso in Chile doesn’t sound all that appealing. About 120km northwest of the capital, Santiago, it’s a busy commercial port with a handful of museums and monuments. Most mornings it’s enveloped in a thick, view-obscuring sea fog and getting to most of its hotels,Continue reading “The grungy charm of Valparaiso, Chile”

Chile’s new breed of winemakers

Escape travel section, Australia – Sep 11, 2011 Everyone told Maria Luz she was mad to try growing grapes in Chile’s San Antonio Valley. The valley is just 4km from the coast and every morning gets smothered in a cold sea fog. They said the grapes would never ripen. Or they’d be killed off byContinue reading “Chile’s new breed of winemakers”