Review of Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

The Sun-Herald, Australia – June 2, 2013 Finalist, 2013 ASTW Best Australian Story under 1000 words Travel descriptions can evoke a wide range of emotions. At one end of the spectrum sit terms such as “overwater bungalow”, “champagne breakfast” and “free upgrade”. At the other end lurk “overnight bus journey”, “flight delay” and “cavity search”.Continue reading “Review of Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel”

Rafting the Futaleufu River, Patagonia

Escape travel section, Australia – Nov 13, 2011 Finalist, 2012 National Travel Industry Awards Best Travel Writer “Pay attention,” shouts Pedro from the back of the raft. Six panting heads snap around in unison. We’ve failed to make it to the exit on the left side of the rapid so after some furious back-paddling we’reContinue reading “Rafting the Futaleufu River, Patagonia”