Junee Roundhouse Railway Museum, NSW

Unless you’re a rail enthusiast, the thought of visiting a railway museum might not fill you with heart-thumping excitement. It certainly didn’t for me. But I’d challenge anyone not to be charmed by the nostalgic glimpse of yesteryear offered by the Roundhouse Railway Museum in Junee. Located roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, the facilityContinue reading “Junee Roundhouse Railway Museum, NSW”

Adventures in Sydney’s Wild, Wild West

Sun-Herald, Australia – March 8, 2015 “Keep your arms folded and your legs crossed,” says the attendant. “Just imagine you need to go to the loo.” This last piece of advice is unnecessary because I need to go to the loo with impending urgency. My heart is also thumping like a base drum and myContinue reading “Adventures in Sydney’s Wild, Wild West”

Review of Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

The Sun-Herald, Australia – June 2, 2013 Finalist, 2013 ASTW Best Australian Story under 1000 words Travel descriptions can evoke a wide range of emotions. At one end of the spectrum sit terms such as “overwater bungalow”, “champagne breakfast” and “free upgrade”. At the other end lurk “overnight bus journey”, “flight delay” and “cavity search”.Continue reading “Review of Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel”

Freestyle Escape cooking school, Sunshine Coast, QLD

  The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – May 4, 2013 It was with some trepidation that I signed up for a cooking class at Freestyle Escape. The last time I ventured into a professional kitchen I rendered a salad inedible by liberally garnishing it with peppercorns (I thought they were lentils). But the minute IContinue reading “Freestyle Escape cooking school, Sunshine Coast, QLD”

Adventure on the Murray River

It was supposed to be a hypothetical question. When I ask Jack: “What would happen if the engine failed now?” I didn’t expect him to reply: “Let’s find out.” I wouldn’t be so worried if we were in a car or a boat. But we’re in a two-seater plane – and we’re at 760m (2500ft).Continue reading “Adventure on the Murray River”