In Situ restaurant, San Francisco

  Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Feb 24, 2018 Like most great ideas, the concept behind In Situ is so devilishly simple you wonder why someone hasn’t done it before. Invite a selection of the world’s top chefs to contribute a dish then create a restaurant to showcase them. Headed up by three Michelin-starredContinue reading “In Situ restaurant, San Francisco”

9/11 Museum, New York

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – June 7, 2014 Of the thousands of artefacts in the new 9/11 Museum, it is the small, everyday items that are the most potent: the charred contents of a visiting English businessman’s wallet, a pair of ballet slippers belonging to Boston Investor Services employee Maile Hale. They personalise theContinue reading “9/11 Museum, New York”