New Zealand’s best wine regions

Traveller, Sun-Herald, Australia – Apr 15, 2018 It’s hard to believe New Zealand produces less than one per cent of the world’s wine. So ubiquitous is its presence on international wine lists, you’d be forgiven for assuming it was a bigger player. However, in 2014 it ranked a surprising 14th in global wine production, oneContinue reading “New Zealand’s best wine regions”

In Situ restaurant, San Francisco

  Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Feb 24, 2018 Like most great ideas, the concept behind In Situ is so devilishly simple you wonder why someone hasn’t done it before. Invite a selection of the world’s top chefs to contribute a dish then create a restaurant to showcase them. Headed up by three Michelin-starredContinue reading “In Situ restaurant, San Francisco”

England – Europe’s unlikely wine capital

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – May 30, 2015 “English wine”, much like “English summer”, is an expression normally followed by a punchline. I spent my formative years in England and can’t ever recall seeing English wine on a restaurant menu. So it was with genuine astonishment that I discovered during a recentContinue reading “England – Europe’s unlikely wine capital”