Review of White City House, London

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Dec 20, 2018 White City House is the latest instalment in Soho House’s global empire of private members’ clubs. In fewer than 25 years the group has blossomed from a single “house” in London’s Soho to a sprawling network of 23 properties, mostly located in Europe and north America.Continue reading “Review of White City House, London”

GoBoat trip on Regent’s Canal, London

Traveller, Sun-Herald, Australia – Oct 28, 2018 “Give way to everything” is the crux of the safety briefing at GoBoat’s headquarters in Paddington Basin. London’s canal system might not be the industrial thoroughfare it once was but there are still plenty of things to trouble the first-time boater. Fortunately, the top speed of the vesselContinue reading “GoBoat trip on Regent’s Canal, London”

Review of L’Oscar hotel, London

Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – Sep 22, 2018 It’s safe to assume that when preacher Dr Alexander MacLaren laid the foundation stone for the Baptist Church Headquarters in London in 1901, he never envisaged it would one day become one of the capital’s most decadent hotels. The imposing Grade II-listed building on Southampton RowContinue reading “Review of L’Oscar hotel, London”

London’s best single-product restaurants

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – November 12, 2016 Ever woken up with a craving for turkey? Me neither. But should that occur, and you happen to be in the London suburb of Shoreditch, you’re in luck. In June husband-and-wife team Amir and Limor Chen opened Strut & Cluck, a restaurant specialising inContinue reading “London’s best single-product restaurants”

Review of British Airways i360, Brighton

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – September 10, 2016 When the architects behind the London Eye, arguably Britain’s most successful tourist development this century, unveil a new £46 million attraction, it’s kind of a big deal. Not only is the 162-metre-tall British Airways i360 the world’s tallest moving observation tower but it’s alsoContinue reading “Review of British Airways i360, Brighton”

England – Europe’s unlikely wine capital

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – May 30, 2015 “English wine”, much like “English summer”, is an expression normally followed by a punchline. I spent my formative years in England and can’t ever recall seeing English wine on a restaurant menu. So it was with genuine astonishment that I discovered during a recentContinue reading “England – Europe’s unlikely wine capital”