New Zealand’s best wine regions

Traveller, Sun-Herald, Australia – Apr 15, 2018 It’s hard to believe New Zealand produces less than one per cent of the world’s wine. So ubiquitous is its presence on international wine lists, you’d be forgiven for assuming it was a bigger player. However, in 2014 it ranked a surprising 14th in global wine production, oneContinue reading “New Zealand’s best wine regions”

Riverhead ferry cruise in Auckland, NZ

Sun-Herald, Australia – January 10, 2016 The MV Kawau Isle looks conspicuous as she pootles into Auckland’s busy Downtown Ferry Terminal. All the other boats buzzing in and out are high-speed catamarans and ferries. We file onboard the elegant green and white wooden cruiser and she putters slowly away from the wharf into Auckland Harbour.Continue reading “Riverhead ferry cruise in Auckland, NZ”

An albatross named Grandma

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – January 9, 2016 If Hollywood ever makes a biopic about an albatross (don’t rule it out), Grandma would be the obvious choice. Most albatrosses have one mate and live for around 40 years. Grandma, however, had five husbands (three of whom she outlived and one she marriedContinue reading “An albatross named Grandma”

Sunset kayak to Rangitoto Island, Auckland

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – May 9, 2015 “Do you like wearing a skirt?” asks Sarah. “Only at weekends,” I reply, nervously. I pull on the waterproof spray skirt while apprehensively eyeing up the not inconsiderable distance between us and our destination. As the crow flies it’s five kilometres from St HeliersContinue reading “Sunset kayak to Rangitoto Island, Auckland”

Air NZ 75th anniversary exhibition at Te Papa museum, Wellington

Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Australia – March 14, 2015 It’s easy to get all misty-eyed about the early days of commercial aviation. Passengers flying from Auckland to Sydney in the 1950s sat in spacious lounge-style seats, enjoyed a seven-course meal and had the option of playing deck quoits. It all sounds terribly glamorousContinue reading “Air NZ 75th anniversary exhibition at Te Papa museum, Wellington”

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

With our belongings wrapped tightly in plastic bags and lashed to three body boards, the three of us tentatively wade into the creek. Soon the water is too deep to stand so we use the boards for buoyancy and kick for the other side. Ten minutes later, we’re standing on Whangapoua Beach, a long stretchContinue reading “Great Barrier Island, New Zealand”